DACA Renewal Calculator

Enter your DACA expiration date to calculate the ideal renewal submission period:

What is the DACA Renewal Calculator?

The DACA Renewal Calculator is an essential tool designed to assist DACA recipients in determining the optimal time frame to submit their renewal applications. 

This calculator simplifies the process by providing a personalized window during which you should submit your renewal application to ensure timely processing and minimize the risk of your status lapsing.

How Does It Work?

To use the DACA Renewal Calculator, simply:

  1. Enter your current DACA expiration date into the designated field.
  2. Click on the “Calculate Renewal Dates” button.
  3. The calculator will then display two crucial dates: one indicating the earliest recommended date to submit your renewal application and another showing the latest advisable date.

By adhering to these suggested dates, you can maximize the likelihood of a seamless renewal process and maintain your legal status without interruption.

Why Use the DACA Renewal Calculator?

Timely Renewals: The calculator helps avoid delays that might occur if renewals are submitted too late, ensuring that applications are processed within an adequate timeframe before your current DACA status expires.

Prevent Status Lapse: By providing a specific submission window, the calculator aids in preventing any lapse in your legal status, which is crucial for uninterrupted work authorization and protection from deportation.

Simplify the Process: Renewing DACA documentation can be complex and stressful. This tool aims to reduce that stress by clearly defining the best times to submit your renewal application, making the process more straightforward and manageable.

Stay Informed: As policies and timelines may shift, the DACA Renewal Calculator is valuable for staying informed and proactive about your renewal deadlines.

Incorporate this calculator into your renewal planning to fully take advantage of its benefits and ensure that you remain compliant with all necessary legal and procedural requirements. 

Preparing and submitting your DACA renewal application within the recommended timeframe is vital for continued protection under the DACA program.

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